Ways I'm Moving to a More Minimal Lifestyle & Why


I have slowly but effectively downsized the amount of "things" I own in the past few weeks.  I mean... you probably can't tell by the photo above, but I've purged like 20% of my closet + miscellaneous items and I still have a ways to go.  Downsizing is a process.  The first eureka moment I had was realizing that I have so many amazing clothes in my closet, yet I choose to wear the worst, most uninspiring and boring outfits to my day job.  Why?  Convenience.  It's way easier mentally and physically to put on a boring cable knit and black work pants than a beautiful skirt, eye-catching top and accessories.  Purging the shit only leaves the beautiful neglected items!

So a few weeks ago I'm in Costco, frustrated as usual.  Why are the carts so large?  Why do people walk in the middle of the isle?  Questions I ponder, while dying inside.  Ok, so I'm in the book isle and I see "The Life-Changing Art of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo for $10.  Best. purchase. ever.  Even better than the extra large bag of Skinny Pop.  I powered through it in about two days and finally felt like this time I could really purge.  Marie gets you to ask yourself, "Does this bring me joy?".  So instead of keeping things because they are convenient and easy, you get rid of all of the basic bitch items you've acquired over the years.

I've realized I want to start purchasing and investing in quality pieces that I actually LOVE and won't want to give away within 2 years or less.  I would like to get things professionally fixed instead of tossing them when they rip, which will result in me saving tons of cash over time.  I understand the appeal of spending $200 on 5-6 fast-fashion pieces rather than one item.  But, I notice when I purchase something of quality, I admire/love it more, take care of it better and wear it more.  

This year I am actively trying to become more ecologically friendly in both diet and life, reduce my footprint and also save some money - wish me luck.  Change is always a challenge, but overall I will become a happier & more productive person! 

Some resources I recommend on where/how to start downsizing:

  • The Minimalists Documentary & Podcast
  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo