My Top Six Red Liquid Lipsticks

I have been rocking a bold red lip for almost a decade now.  It is my go-to lipstick shade and I've built up quite a collection over the years.  I think it is classically beautiful and the colour suits my personality.  Adding a pop of red is a great way to spruce up any outfit, especially a neutral one.  Liquid Lipsticks specifically are a great formula for red because it's less likely to bleed, transfer or get everywhere because they dry matte.   Below are my top choices at the moment of red-toned liquid lipsticks! 


I have been reaching for this lipstick a lot ever since I received it.  The formula is a bit thicker and more creamy than your average liquid lip, but the colour pay-off is amazing.  I am also a big fan of the vanilla scent of these lipsticks.  I find the Jouer Longwear Lip Creme's to be on the drier side, compared to the other brands I featured but still a solid investment.


This colour is perfect for summer!  It adds a bright pop of colour to any outfit and looks amazing with a tan.  The Anastasia Liquid Lipsticks are amazing, they have a large range of colours and I am a big fan of the formula.  The consistency is thinner and they can be a bit drying but otherwise, I am a big fan.  


My ultimate favourite!  Creeper applies like a DREAM, it dries very smooth, thin consistency, very pigmented and the colour is perfect.  The best thing about this liquid lipstick is the price tag.  It is one of the more affordable options out there.  The only negative is that the packaging is lower quality, but hey you can't have everything! 


Kat Von D would be my top choice for formula.  I find the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks the least drying of the bunch.  This liquid lipstick has a thin consistency, extremely pigmented and a wide range of bold colours, if you're into that.  The packaging is stunning.  The price reflects this product, so if you're in the market for a high end lipstick this is a great option!


Limecrime Makeup is an indie brand that has gained a ton of popularity over the past 5 years.  Limecrime is actually available now at the Hudson's Bay, if you're in Canada which is awesome.  The brand is all about bold, untraditional colours and everything is cruelty-free.  Limecrime offers some really amazing red shades.  The formula is the thinnest out of the ones featured here, so it can be a bit trickier to apply but the colour is extremely pigmented.  


NYX is a great cruelty-free, affordable, drugstore brand!  It is available at Shopper's Drug Mart which is very convienient.  The Soft Matte Lip Cream's sometimes need to be built up to get the desired opacity and the lighter colours can be a bit streaky. It is a thicker consistency, which makes sense as it is a "cream".  I don't find this lipstick too drying which is a huge plus.  Overall, it's a beautiful colour and great if you're on a budget.