Bye, Bye, Summer


Well it's official, I'm calling it.  Sayonara summer!  I'm now reaching for my sweater during the day, which means Canadian summer is over and fall has arrived.  September can sometimes be really warm though and I remember in middle school when it would be 25 degrees on the first day of school, but I'd be wearing my fresh hoodie from West 49 and jeans because I wanted to look cool *insert laughing emoji*.     

I turn twenty-eight on Wednesday which I am feeling neutral about.  I've actually been accidentally telling people I'm twenty-eight for the past 6 months, so I think it'll be an easy transition.  I feel like "New Years" is not a good time to make life changes, plans or goals.  A birthday is, because technically that is the start of a new year for yourself.  I'll probably have a separate post on that later this week so stay tuned.      


I love the style and colour of this off-the-shoulder dress from Nasty Gal, I think the frills makes it super feminine.  Although I am not very happy with the quality,  I did purchase a few other items from Nasty Gal which were better fabric and fit.   I did link some other options below, which are similar styles.  

I paired the dress with some colour-block heels from Zara, which are a knock-off of Chanel and WAY cheaper but equally as cute.  I am a big fan of Zara shoes, the quality is very good for the price point.  Well, this is it for summer looks on the blog for 2017, I'm moving on to leather pants and blanket scarves.   I hope you enjoyed this look!  Let me know in the comment section what you think.  - Paige 

photos by William Riquelme

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