Floral's for Winter? Groundbreaking...


This skirt is ultra-fun, bright and totally my style.  I can see myself wearing this a lot in the spring/summer season and especially on my upcoming trip to Hawaii at the end of April!  I'm thinking of branching out and doing a few travel posts.  #holla 

Normally, I wouldn't wear a full out floral skirt in the winter. but when I saw this skirt on ASOS, I had to have it.  Nothing winterizes a good floral skirt, like a chunky cable knit sweater, am I right?  

To prevent the skirt from being too over the top (lol), I paired it with classic black and white pieces from my wardrobe.  If you haven't noticed I have been wearing these boots and bag a lot on the blog, because they go with everything!  You can shop the items below. 

Thank you to everyone who actually reads my blog!  I noticed my last post, 6 Lifestyle Changes I Made in January to Better Myself, got a lot more views than some of my others so I plan to keep sharing more personal stuff with you all. 


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