Westmount Tudor | Master Bedroom Inspiration


Welcome back! Or if you’re new here… hi, hello, I’m Paige and this post is a round up of some bedroom items I love!

To date, we’ve been slowly filling The Westmount Tudor (house tour coming soon) with furniture. Although the rennovation date isn’t set in stone, we have an idea of what finishes we will end up with so I wanted to start decorating rooms with that in mind.

Having a “finished” or roughly put together room, really makes it feel like home. For me, having a well designed room affects me in more ways that I thought - I feel more inspired, comfortable, happy, and motivated.

At this point, the only room that’s close to being complete is one of our guest rooms. This room ended up being done first because we needed to order a new King bed for our master which hasn’t arrived, so we decided to work on the guest room since the furniture had already arrived.

Style in mind

For the master bedroom and the entire house, we are going for a modern, mid-century farmhouse. With spashes of navy & dusty rose for colour. I’ve never been a fan of ultra-modern, I find it cold and sterile. I want my home to be a place that guests (and future kids) feel invited, comfortable and safe.

I’ve curated some items above that I think reflect that style. A mix of traditional, farmhouse & modern elements! We’ve already purchased that exact bed frame.

price in mind

Another large factor, that comes into play when curating furniture for the new house is the price tag. Of course all the furniture I love is ultra-expensive, which is not in the cards right now. So it’s about finding a balance, looking for dupes or deals (maybe I’ll start a dupe series on the blog) that look expensive. Quality is also important so I don’t want to go too inexpensive, because then you end up with a peice in shambles a year or two later.

Some items I love:

What are your thoughts on my picks?! Would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

Stay tuned for the next post!