4 Ways I've Incorporated Gold Accents In Our Home Decor

Gold Curtain Rod from  Homesense Canada

Gold Curtain Rod from Homesense Canada


I love gooold!  Seriously though, our entire house is Black, White, Beige and Gold.

Gold decor was hot in the 1980s, and then in the 2000s silver accents took center stage.  Which brings us to present day, in the past five years, we've seen an influx of gold and brass incorporated into everything from bed frames, faucets, accessories and tables! 

Gold is trending and I hope it never goes away.  Below are four ways that I've used gold in our home decor.    


Gold Mirrors

We have a total of two gold wall mirrors in our home and both have a lot of meaning to me.  The one hanging in our bedroom has beautiful detailing, belonged to my late grandfather. 

It's nice to work-in in pieces that have been passed down to me, everything doesn't need to be brand new.

The second mirror — Tork Brass Dripping Wall Mirror from CB2 (the round gold mirror hanging in our entryway) is meaningful because it's one of the first quality items I purchased for our home.  


Gold Accent Table

Adding a gold accent table is the perfect way to spice up the living room and make it look more expensive than it really is.  They are eye catching and fun!   

I purchased this gold drum table online from Target for less than $100 (RIP Canadian Target).  The shipping was quick, cheap and the duties were included, so if you live in Canada definitely take a look because Target has amazing home decor.  It's the department I miss the most from when Canada had Target for about 10 seconds.      


Gold Lamps

One of the other favourite top decors picks in my home, is the pair of gold lamps in our bedroom.   I had originally purchased two different lamps when I saw these at Homesense and snatched them up — because you know there is no "next-time" at Homesense. 

 The lamps add a little bit of glam to the bedroom, which otherwise would be very black and white.  


Gold Decorative Accessories

The final way I like to incorporate gold into my home is decorative table top accessories like, small containers, vases, picture frames and candles! 

This is the most affordable way to add a little flair to your space.  My favourite store to shop for fun accessories is... drumroll please... Homesense — shocker.  They have so many cute inexpensive items, perfect for gifts too!

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