Wool Coat, Houndstooth Pants & Vans


In March I traded in my white converse for some White Old Skool Vans and I have been rocking them all summer and fall!  I love how versatile a white sneaker is.  You can pair it with a more polished outfit to make it casual and comfortable.  Ironically when I shot this look it was super hot out, but it's finally jacket weather as of late.  This Wilfrid Dujardin  "sweater" is more like a hybrid between a sweater and a coat which I am obsessed with.  It's a bit pricey, but I highly recommendthe investment, especially for the changing seasons.  I already purchased another version with the same fabric in a different style and colour which will be making an apperence on the blog soon.    

Wearing neutral colours doesn't always have to be boring! I mixed both warm tones, cool tones and texture in this look which I love.  I am an extremely "matchy-matchy" person, which is why I included the beige mirrored sunglasses that compliment my coat and bag.    

When I'm wearing this look I imagine myself strolling through the streets of London, hopping from art gallery to art gallery.  The Vans make it practical for long walks while still looking stylish.  - Paige 



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