Paige's Picks | Velvet Biker Jackets


Velvet is everywhere right now.  Skirts, pants, dresses, bags, earrings, hair accessories and more in multiple bright shades.  Fall/Winter 2017, velvet has officially been reborn.  Velvet became popular in the late 1960's and 1970's, in pieces like big flares for women and structured jackets for men, although when I think of velvet I imagine 90's babydoll dresses since that's the decade I grew up in. 

Thankfully the pieces we are seeing this season are combining more modern cuts with velvet fabric to create fun wardrobe staples such as the Velvet Biker Jacket.  These colourful velvet biker jackets give a feminine twist on a classic edgy wardrobe staple.  I am particularly in love with the forrest green and blue versions shown above and I'm itching to add one to my closet.  I've already jumped on the velvet bandwagon and purchased a beautiful velvet skirt and top which will be making a feature on here soon.  I just love adding texture through various fabrics to make my outfits more interesting.  

What are your thoughts on this popular trend?  Is it hear to stay or will it be gone by spring?