My Vintage 1950's Halloween Costume 2017


Introducing my ultra-last minute Halloween costume, put together in roughly 4 hours!  No excuses people!  I have always loved Halloween, ever since a young child.  Probably because I am utterly addicted to sugar, spice and everything evil (kidding).  Dressing up and having fun with costumes is a blast.  When I was young my mom often made my costumes and would get very creative with them.  Her ability to make amazing thrifty DIY creations rubbed off on me, hence why I've never been a fan of pre-made halloween costumes.  My boyfriend and I got invited to a party last minute so the pressure was on to create something fun in a short period of time. 

Of course I had to hit up my go-to store for all things Halloween, Value Village Thrift.  It's a great place to visit if time's not on your side, because they have a variety of new and used costumes.  So if you're unable to DIY one, you can always buy new!  Before shopping, I had some sort of an idea of what costumes I might be able to throw together really quick, such as a scarecrow, lumberjack, vintage ski, etc.  Within 5 minutes of walking in, I found the PERFECT yellow vintage dress with the cutest strawberry details and it fit me like a glove.  Pure luck, I tell ya!  I knew immediately I could turn this dress into an awesome 1950's housewife/Betty Draper/Betty Crocker inspired costume.  

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find a good apron.  I didn't want the apron to be too modern or it wouldn't fit with the vintage vibe of the costume.  I ended up making my own apron using a lace table runner, folded in half and hot glued to a long piece of white ribbon which I tied around my waist.  It took me virtually 5 minutes to make and I love how it turned out!    

I styled my costume with various accessories including pearl stud earrings, a long pearl necklace, a red oven mitt, wooden spoon and the perfect white slingback kitten heels.  I gave myself a 50's hair inspired do' and applied some Ruby Woo lipstick by Mac and I was good to go.  

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a safe and scary Halloween 2017!